• Ecological systems for ordnance &landmines disposal

    The Soukos Castalia Demilitarization System is ideal for a controlled mechanical and ecological dismantling of multiple types of ammunition.
    During the procedure, there is no human intervention in any phase. Everything is automated and based on Soukos’ leading edge robotic systems; the system is capable of full ecodismantling capacity at 5ton/h.
    The Soukos Castalia Demilitarization System can demilitarize a wide range of ammunition, as well as to neutralize and exploit explosives through a series of proprietary processes.

    “Castalia" is capable of demilitarizing ammunition of different types and calibers, such as:

    • All types of small arm-ammunition.

    • All types of anti-personnel mines and hand grenades.

    • Cartridges from 20mm up to 40mm.

    • Semi-fixed or separated artillery ammunition, all versions up to 155mm also with white phosphorous.

    • Various types of explosive or non explosive ammunition comporents e.g fuses of all types, rocket motors, mine fuses, igniters, pyrotechnic devices, percussion primers, flares, booby-traps etc.

    • All types of HE-HEAT ammunition (57mm, 75mm, 76mm, 90mm, 105mm, 106mm, 120mm, 125mm etc).

    • Cluster munitions.

    • All types of A/T mines and bombs.


    Process and technical specifications

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