• “LIVE AMMO” Shooting practice systems

    Stop butts in firing range for any angle & any distance

    • Many of our company’s sighting stations and stop butts have been placed in the firing ranges of the Hellenic armed forces and the Hellenic police
    • Electro pneumatic wireless targets controlled by a central operation unit.

    Ecological self-cleaning shooting panel
    This system has been invented in order to be used in firing ranges, where live fires are used. SOUKOS ROBOTS is the first company that produces such a product for the secure and realistic training of police officers, the army but also civilians. On the surface of the panel several training scenarios can be projected. The design of the system doesn’t allow the rebound of bullets and fragments, while simultaneously it ensures the complete pulverization of the bullet entering into it from any fragments going backwards.

    The ecological self-cleaning shooting panel is imperforated and is used for shooting training in closed and open areas, where real fires are used, by eliminating the dangers of bullet’s rebound. The remaining of each bullet entering the frame is self-cleaned and gathered at the bottom part of the frame. It can be used for shooting practicing in closed and open areas, such as houses, offices, fire ranges, as well as for police training, the army, the air force, the navy and special forces.

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