• Towed fire extinguishing system without water and chemicals

    Hephestus is a towed fire extinguishing system (at preference from one agricultural tractor), dual purpose depending on the particular conditions that prevail in the region that it is called to intervene.

    Full scale of transportation capabilities

    Therefore, depending on the incident we have:

    Fire extinguishing without use of water and chemicals in wooded and wild regions, as well as in removed rural settlements, where the attendance of fire and air means of firefighting is difficult and time-consuming and requires a serious time gap of firefighting activity, because of refilling up of extinguishment material substances (water or chemicals).

    Fire extinguishing  as autonomous unit or as part of wider firefighting planning (where sufficiency of water exists) with parallel connection and use of water and with the possibility to launch mix of firefighting foam where this is required. (Permanent firefighting network of military barracks, airports, municipalities, malls etc.)

    In the first case, the fire extinguishment is achieved from a distance until the 25m, with the launch of particularly made dust that the system produces with high speed and aiming in the heart of fire. The product of extinguishment that is used, created by the autonomous excavation, reception, fragmentation and homogenization of every type of earth and Stone, even ashes that the fire leaves behind.

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