• Hydralic Conveyor belts

    TC - 6000

    The hydraulic conveyor belts are a product of study, design and manufacture of INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS SA.
    · Lifting of the conveyor belt at the desired level from the ground.
    · Bears wheeled support base for their easy transportation.
    · The belt can perform two movements (front-back), which can be controlled through an electronic panel.
    · The surface of the belt can have special form for the safe transportation of bags (optional).




    A special form of hydraulic conveyor belts is the telescopic ones. The conveyor belt is based on a special metallic base, which bears in it the hydraulic operation system. This system is equipped with all the servomechanisms; this enables all the necessary movements to be attained for the easy and quick transportation of bags in lorries, silos etc.
    All the    above    movements are being controlled by the main control and operation panel. Also, the automatic counting of bags is possible.

    • Extension and shrinking of conveyor belt's main body.
    • Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.
    • Movement up and down.

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