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    Quality, reliability and responsibility are the founding principles that have marked our company's policy since its foundation and continue to govern its operation. Starting off by implementing pioneering ideas which immediately appealed to the domestic market, we moved ahead while promoting exports of those innovative products internationally.

    Rapid technological developments nowadays create an ever-growing need for advanced equipment in every field. Our company is aware of the current demands and is focused on developing its research department aiming at manufacturing high technology and optimum performance robotic systems.

    Our efforts bore fruit which are already visible and are proved by the long-standing confidence our domestic and international customers, as well as the Greek State, have in us. Having the necessary infrastructure and know-how, we face the future with confidence and we are certain that we will achieve the high goals we set.

    The patents held by Soukos Robots S.A. greatly strengthen our leadership position in the Defensive and Industrial Applications sector.

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