•  Cold Mechanical Biological Treatment System

    "THESEUS" System is an up-to-date and enviromentally friendly mobile system. It contributes to the direct reduction of the waste disposed to the landfills by the utilization of the generated MSW but also the buried MSW at dumping areas.

    The System aims to the restoration of illegal dumping areas and landfills, but also to the production of useful industrial products by 100% reuse of the MSW input.

    It consists of a number of specially modulated metallic constructions (modules) for the housing and operation of the necessary equipment and machinery.

    From the MSW input, recyclable materials are recovered while the remaining non-recyclable waste is converted to useful industrial products via a chain of procedures…..

    • Without applying THERMAL METHODS of waste treatment (combustion, pyrolysis, gasification etc.).

    • Without emitting air pollutants in the atmosphere.

    • Without producing solid and liquid residues.

    • Without producing RDF.

    • Without landfill disposal of the MSW gathered from the waste trucks, because they are disposed directly to the "THESEUS" Systems.

    • Without the need of prior processing of the MSW before entering the system.


    Circular Economy

    100% waste recovery

    End products and Recovered Materials for Recycling

    Using “THESEUS” system, MSW is subject to cold treatment in order to be converted into solid end products.

    Furthermore, recyclable materials are recovered in an intermediate processing stage. All of these products and materials can be reinserted into the production cycle in order to save raw materials and energy (oil, metals, etc.) and to create new jobs while generating environmental benefits.

    The "THESEUS" system can be configured and adjusted properly in order to generate the following products:

    ♦ Recyclable materials: Recovered from main waste stream and sorted separately in storage bins. Common material for recycling are glass, plastic, metals, plastic bags and films.

    ♦ Various types (compositions) of final products derived from mixed municipal solid waste in form of pellets for easy handling and long term storage.

    ♦ Treatment residues (in form of soil, rocks, inert materials). A percentage of the inert materials is intended for the production of ground covering material. After appropriate treatment, they may be used for covering the surface of the artificial building materials that have been generated by the end product (pellets).

    Uses of the end product in form of “pellets”

    The end product (in form of pellets) is led through transportation systems to specially designed storage facilities (silos). Then, it is led to innovative production lines of useful products which constitute patented inventions ofSOUKOS ROBOTS S.A. and it is subject to further treatment and conversion.

          Liquid Fuel      

    Production of building
    materials & special

     Composite Fiber

    The pellets are suitable for:
    • The production of liquid fuel with high calorific value.
    • The production of building materials used in the building industry like plates and boards for insulation of buildings, for decking of floors, rooftops and general large surfaces, for the construction of solar panels, for applications with artificial wood and other uses.
    • The production of special constructions such as pallets, benches, pots etc.
    • The production of composite fiber.

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