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    HERA 5000


    The constant need for more efficient systems of weighing and packaging in connection with the progress of technology requires the challenge of every company to design the newest system possible according to the necessary requirements

    INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS company after studies and having extensive technical experience offers an ideal machine for the weighing and packaging of all kinds of open mouth and valve bags, the “HERA 5000”. With the extensive variety of products that this system can package, its capability of different functions, the additional equipment it allocates, as well as the convenient installation, handling and maintenance, it is considered one of the most competitive systems in its category. It is essential and appropriate for industries of packaging flours, animal foods, pharmaceutical and cereal products, fertilizers, cements etc. with medium or large productivity capacity.

    The automated process of weighting and packaging is completed by:
    -The weighing of the material
    -The transfer of the weighed material to the packaging mechanism
    -The placement of the bag
    -The automatic pneumatic restraint of the bag
    -The filling of the bag
    -The release of filled bag from the filling spout
    -The transfer to the sewing machine
    -Automatic operation
    -Dust free filling
    -Double speed operation
    -Automatic bag counting
    -Automatic bag holding
    -Weighing control through electronic weighing head
    -Ability of packaging in open mouth bags
    -Digital weighing indications with minimal deviations
    -Results edition from PC or from external printer
    -Packaging of valve bags (optionally)

    Technical characteristics
    Output: 500 - 600 bags/h of 50 kg
    Weighing range in open mouth and valve bags: 10 – 60 kg
    Power consumption: 4 HP
    Weighing accuracy: ± 50 g
    Operating voltage: 380 V
    Electro pneumatic operation: 6 atm
    Bag type: all kind of open mouth bags


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