• It constitutes an innovative automatic weighing and packaging machine, suitable for the packaging of material in small size bags (~ 10kg).

    The suitable design and its operational form, allows the packaging of mainly floury products in open mouth bags.


    -Suitable for open mouth bags, of any kind.
    -Electronical weighing of big accuracy.
    -Internal vibrating mechanism for the smooth flow of the product and the avoiding of accumulations.
    -Weighing control via electronic weighing head.
    -Automatic bag holding.
    -Bag filling without dust.
    -Compact design manufacture which does not require extensive maintenance.
    -Digital weighing indications in real time.
    -Automatic bag releasing after filling.
    -Controlled feeding via terminal switch.

    Technical characteristics
    Output: 200-250 bags/h of 10kg
    Weighing  accuracy :Electronic accuracy weighing ±50 (the weighing process can not be affected by vibrations and magnetic fields)
    Power consumption:2.25KW
    Weighing accuracy: ±50g
    Operating voltage:380V
    Electro pneumatic operation: 6atm


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