• DIAS 3000

    DIAS 3000-D


    The machine "DIAS-3000" constitutes the most competitive proposal of INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS company in the area of industrial systems and specifically in the automatic weighing and packaging sector.
    The "DIAS-3000" is ideal for the weighing and packaging of a large variety of materials of dust and grainy forms in all kinds of open mouth and valve bags. It is essential and suitable for small and big industries of packaging cereals products, powder products, animal foods, pharmaceutical products, fertilizers, structural materials etc, for small and medium productive capacities.

    Its automatic operation is achieved via the electronic control panel and the developed electronic weighing head type "SR -1331"

    • Dust free filling
    • Automatic bag holding
    • Automatic operation through a button
    • Horizontal or inclined feeding hopper
    • Double speed operation for exact weighing
    • Packaging in open mouth and valve bags
    • Automatic bag counting with digital indication
    • Digital weighing indications with minimal deviations
    • Electronic weighing control with electronic weighing unit

    Optional equipment
    • Packaging adaptors for open mouth bags.
    • Filling spouts (valve tvpe) in many dimensions.
    • Automatic robotic arm for bags feeding.
    • Dust suction system of the filling area.

    DIAS 7000


    It is internally equipped with a belt instead of screw for the weighing and packaging of materials like seed.

    Technical characteristics
    Output: 260 valve bags/h -300 open mouth bags/h
    Weighing range in open mouth and valve bags: 3-50 kg
    Power consumption: 16HP
    Weighing accuracy: ±50g
    Operating voltage: 380V
    Electro pneumatic operation: 6atm
    Bag type : all kind of open mouth and valve bags.

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