Chairman and C.E.O. - SOUKOS ROBOTS S.A.

    Soukos Robots SA was founded in 1979 by Konstantinos Soukos and is headquartered in well-equipped private facilities covering 50,000 square feet, in Larissa-Thessaloniki, Greece. The headquarters are the focal point for the design and construction of hyper-modern robotic systems, focused on defense and industrial applications.

    The Company is driven by research, development, and the desire to achieve constant improvement over existing products and services. The innovative products that Soukos Robots continues to develop has resulted in consistent recruitment and retention of motivated, highly specialized, technical employees. Soukos Robots system of quality-control is founded on robust, established guidelines, for example, EN ISO 9001, and EN ISO 14001. This ensures objectivity and continuous improvement within the Company’s design, development and production cycle. Furthermore, it guarantees that Soukos Robots will meet or exceed customer requirements.

    Through a career that has included experience in program management, manufacturing and operations, Konstantinos Soukos has been involved in both the environmental and defensive sectors, contracting with both governmental and private organizations. Honored with an award from the World Organization for Progress and Culture, for contribution to Science & Research, Mr. Soukos brings substantial vision, leadership, and expertise to Soukos Robots, where he remains personally responsible for a wide range of projects. He holds a considerable number of patents for inventions in his name, demonstrating his enthusiasm and motivation towards his primary goal of “Just Make it Better”, through research and development as a scientist.

    His portfolio of Defense & Security technologies include:
    • Ammunition Demilitarization System (Castalia)
    • IED Detection system
    • Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Defeat System
    • Non Lethal Weapons
    • Robotic Airport Bomb Disposal Unit
    • Remote Weapon Stations
    • Combat Vehicle Signature Management
    • Shooting Panels for Soldier training – Indoor Shooting Ranges
    • Lightweight Bullet Proof Vests

    His portofolio of environmental technologies include:
    • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Energy
    • Home Waste-to Energy (WTE) system
    • MSW Recycling Kiosks
    • Robotic Waste Bin
    • Power generation system
    • Fresh water and Energy production Hybrid System
    • Medical Waste Disposal
    • Day / Night solar panels

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