• Robotic system for the disposal of explosive devices


    It is a medium sized robot designed to carry out inspection and intervention missions in hazardous environments.
    It is ideal for:

        Disposal / Disruption of explosive devices
        E.O.D. removal / carriage
        Intervention in limited space areas (airplanes, busses, ships, etc.)
        Mine detection and disposal
        Collection, storage and transmission of video and audio signals
        Climbing of external or internal stairs
        Extraordinary terrorism situations
        Operation under hazardous environments (e.g. chemical and nuclear atmospheres)


    The robot has two cameras for navigation and observation. The navigation camera is placed at the rear end of the robot and has a rotational capability of 360o. The second camera is placed at the end of the arm and it is fixed. More cameras can be installed if there is such a requirement. The robot consists of the main body and the arm.  It can carry up to two disruptors for the neutralization of explosive devices or a gripper for manipulating objects. Furthermore, the arm of the robot is designed in such a way so that it is easy to apply any kind of equipment according to the customer requirement. The robot is controlled through the same remote control unit in both modes of operation (wireless or through a wire). The control unit has a TFT display monitor, and all the appropriate control switches and modules in order to achieve the easiest, safest and highly precise control of all the features and the capabilities of the robot.  Joysticks are used to maneuver the robot and the arm. The four joysticks provide very high accuracy in the robot's movements.


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