• Composite fiber

    Pellets can be transported from the storage facilities (silo) to the Construction Unit of the composite fiber where fibrous components with improved mechanical properties can be manufactured. These fibrous components will be used for the manufacture of tiles, substrates, and insulation materials. Due to their excellent properties they may be used as soil improver as well.

    The conversion of pellets into composite fiber aims to greater strength and hardness of the materials. This is achieved through new molecular orientation and molecular structure. In general, composite fibers present specialized properties covering a wide range of needs.

    The molecular decomposition process of the solid pellets and the production of composite fiber, take place through chain reactions in the absence of oxygen. More specifically, the solid particles are injected at high velocity and entrained by rapid rotational movements through a vortex in the main chamber, in order to reach the appropriate temperature and reactive conditions that activate the conversion process.

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