• Remote base for fifty caliber machine guns & others

    SOUKOS ROBOTS studies, designs and manufactures customized weapons bases. Those bases are of lightweight construction with stabilization and remote wire or wireless operation abilities. They can be easily adjusted so as to accommodate many guns with various calibers.

    Operational Advantages

    Ability of adjustment to vessels, vehicles, tanks and any other platform upon customer’s request.
    Accommodation of different gun types with simple alterations.
    Developed fire system and electronic stabilizing device allowing for high target acquisition and destruction rates.
    Day / night operation and operation under adverse conditions.
    Design and construction for maximum strength.
    Easily adjustable to customer’s requests.

    Lightweight machine gun base applications.
    In small and large coast guard vessels.
    Fast and effective gun operation due to the design of the base.
    Base stabilization is achieved by a special vibration absorption system.
    Fast and easy gun installation in and removal from the base.
    Possibility to add night surveillance controls.
    Heated incident electronic registration and transmission ability.

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