•  Municipal Solid Waste Treatment System

    The Mobile municipal solid waste treatment system is used for the ecological, fast and automated management of any kind of solid waste aiming to their mechanical processing and sorting and the final recovery of fractions for multiple commercial uses.

     The main system comprises four (4) modulated containers. The entire operation is monitored and controlled by the Control Room (container No. 5).









    • A new method of MSW management contributing to stronger waste management policy nation-wide
    • Zero further waste deposition in landfills
    • Potential for complete elimination of landfills as a method of waste management
    • Aids in limiting landfilling of unrecoverable waste (particularly biodegradable municipal waste)
    • Total utilization and purposeful processing of all MSW streams for reuse and recycling, with no residues produced
    • Zero treatment residues
    • Restoration of unregulated dumping sites
    • Cleaning of transfer stations
    • Ensures high degree of sustainable protection for the environment and human health
    • Supports environmentally-friendly waste processing with minimal cost to municipalities
    • Rapid, complete conversion of MSW for use as raw materials in the production of usable products such as manufactured transportation pallets, pedestrian walkway tiles, fencing material, vases/planters, etc.
    • Creation of employment opportunities for over 100 persons


    Recovered products

    The system can be adapted and configured in order to produce the following fractions: 
    • Recyclable materials (plastics, metals (Fe, non Fe), glass)    
    • Organic-biodegradable material (0-30mm size)                      
    • Product with composition of different types (type RDF)        



    Utilization capabilities

    The recovered recyclable materials (ferrous metals, aluminum, glass, plastic PET bottles, textiles) are led to recycling industries with market value. Alternatively, the recovered glass is utilized in the production of building materials.

    Organic-biodegradable material (0-30mm size) is suitable for composting or as raw material for the production of building materials.

    RDF material may be used with SOUKOS ROBOTS proprietary technologies


    • "KNOSSOS" for the production of building materials, architectural coatings, flower pots, pallets etc.


    • "ARCHIMEDES" for the production of liquid fuel type diesel and power energy
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