• The Mobile Training Shooting Range is a flexible indoor shooting range, and an alternative to traditional shooting range facilities. It is a self-contained mobile shooting range that integrates four (4) live fire shooting places and simulated training capabilities to provide a total range solution in a mobile environment.

    The mobile range which is ballistically secure is equipped with systems and all the necessary equipment to produce a four position, state-of-the-art, shooting range. The range is equipped with a specially modulated  telescopic high cube container, equipped with hydraulic systems for the final telescopic configuration and extension per width and length of the mobile shooting range. This telescopic configuration provides a high technology live fire shooting range which can be deployed very fast.

    A specially designed and fully equipped conference room at the backside of the range provides enough room for trainers and trainees to discuss the scenarios.  In the Option A Mobile Training Shooting Range Type ΜL-9800L15 with four (4) shooting lanes and a total length of 15m the conference room has a length of 3m, whereas in the Option B Mobile Training Shooting Range Type ΜL-9800L25 with four (4) shooting lanes and a total length of 30m the conference room has a length of 5m.

    This is an environmentally friendly green shooting range with built-in ventilation, Air Recycling System and Air Conditioning Systems that filter the air and control and eliminate the lead and smoke from firing.

    This system puts you on the fast track to obtain a specialized range facility without the need for a brick and mortar location.
    Soukos Robots Company has the know-how and the technology to manufacture movable equipment that can be moved fast in any place, public or private areas. Our equipment works on-site, eliminating the need for fixed facilities and buildings.

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