• Protection System For All Types Of R.P.G's & Tandem

    The anti - RPG system is suitable for protecting static or mobile objects and especially buildings, e.g. Embassies, government buildings etc against attacks made using Rocket Propelled Grenades. The protection of a particular target from RPGs is accomplished by covering it with the anti - RPG material.

    RPGs mainly consist of a piezoelectric tip used to detonate a shaped charge, they are relatively cheap and large quantities are available in the black market worldwide. They are widely used by international paramilitary organizations and terrorist groups. The anti -RPG system consists of a material that can provide effective protection to several different types of targets.

    The system does not require any type of consumables during its operation.

    Ready to install kits can be made for any type of vehicle, ship, or building. These kits contain all the required parts to install and remove the system easily and effortlessly.

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