• ROBOPAC is an ideal working machine for lifting, transporting and palletizing loads with maximum weight of 60kg. Its design and manufacture is carried out according to customer’s requirements.

    The operation of the machine is electro-pneumatic. It is composed of a robotic robust construction arm, supplied by a special gripping servomechanism, which is necessary for the holding, lifting and transporting weighted bags of multiple dimensions.

    The installation of the machine is very easy and it combines efficient ergonomics and excellent economy.

    Output: 350 bags per hour
    Rotation of robotic arm: 360 to any direction
    Operating voltage: 380 V
    Capability of bag lifting: 1 – 60 kg
    Electro-pneumatic operation: 6 atm
    Type of bags: every type

    ROBOPALLET wrapping palette machine in combination with ROBOPAC offers a semi-automatic line of excellent bag palletizing every type.

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