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    The presented product is a patented innovation of SOUKOS ROBOTS S.A. (Patent No. 20130100345), subjects to the mechanical engineering and concerns a method and a hybrid system of organic biodegradable waste drying in order to produce a stabilized product of low granulometry for many uses.

    The term organic biodegradable waste includes a great variety of residues from municipal solid waste as: 
    ● Food waste-kitchen’s waste, such as vegetable and fruit peel. 
    ● Green waste-Garden’s waste such as grass and branches from pruning. 
    ● Cardboard-Paper and newspapers (in some cases)

    The principal methods that are used today for the management of the bio waste in domestic level, is the composting and the domestic anaerobic digestion with more popular the domestic composting between the two methods. However, these two methods present significant problems in their application such as: the implementation difficulty from the residents, the production of undesirable odors, the appearance of insects and dangerous microorganisms for the health  etc.

    The present invention recommends a drying method of the biodegradable waste that combines the synergistic effect of photodegradation and the mechanical degradation of the waste.

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