• Automatic weighing and packaging machines

    The INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS Company is activating in the area of the manufacture of automatic industrial systems with great success. The automatic weighing and packaging machine type A-100 is included in its range of products.

    It is totally functional and with high precision automatic machine, which achieves the safe weighting of the products via the developed electronic weighing head type “SR-1331” and the suitable servomechanisms that it has.

    -Double speed operation
    -Suitable for open mouth bags (optional: suitable for valve bags)
    -High accuracy electronic weighting
    -Height adaption of the weighing platform for different sized bags
    -Automatic bag holding
    -Automatic bag release after filling
    -Dust free filling
    -Transfer ability (wheels)
    -Compact design which requires little maintenance

    Technical characteristics
    Output: 200-300 bags/h of 50kgr
    Weighing range in open mouth and valve bags:5-60kg
    Power consumption: 3HP
    Weighing accuracy: ±50g
    Operating voltage: 380V
    Electro pneumatic operation: 6 atm
    Bag type all kind of open mouth and valve bags

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