• “Smart’' Building Materials

    From the storage facilities (silo) pellets may be transported to the artificial constructive material unit that is a patented invention of SOUKOS ROBOTS SA(No. 20150100102), and is characterized from the fact that structural material is not produced through the dosometric controlled addition of catalysts accelerators and polyester substances but through thermoforming and controlled pressure.

    The generated artificial structural material is low weight and can be produced in various shapes and dimensions. It is suitable for both domestic and industrial use and can take various forms.

    Pellets can be used as raw material in the construction industry for the production of building materials (products):

    Tiles in the form of Puzzles
    This type of tile can be easily assembled forming large surfaces. Photovoltaic panels generating electricity can be placed on them.

    Building materials with multiple applications
    The produced building materials possess high mechanical strength, offering insulation and high water-resistance. These materials do not rot: their thermal and mechanical properties have been proved in the long term. Because of their homogeneous cell structure and density, these materials can be cut with great accuracy and very small tolerances.

    The applications of the pellets are not limited to those mentioned above, but extend to many others as they may be used in many industrial sectors.

    This way MSW recovery contributes to deforestation reduction and raw materials conservation.


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